The firm was founded in 1925 by Cav. EMANUELE ALIBONI who started with the production of marble setts. Subsequently the company implemented its own business adding marble sawing, production of chips, tiles and sacks for packing.


In 1954 the construction of a further plant in Pontefoggi ( still working as separate branch ) was completed in order to meet the strong demands of marble chips.

The increasing request of these products led to the total conversion of the business towards what seemed to ensure a prospect of development.


For this reason, at the end of the 50s, the construction of the plant in Querceta (the present chief branch of the company) was finished. At this site, the production of marble chips allowed to drop the full range of activities undertaken parallelly.

From that period on, the company has been paying attention to the market and it has always reacted promptly , becoming a leader in its sector as to products, safety and environment.



At the present time our company:

  • employs 26 people internally
  • involves in its own business 10 outside firms
  • produces about 120.000 tons per year
  • its turnover is about € 4.000.000,00
  • its company’s capital is € 774.000,00
  • exports mainly to Europe and North Africa.

Owing to the increasing market demand, we have found commercial partners among former competitors and forwarding agents.

The present organisation has led to a strengthening of the company’s position on the market on account of:

  • enlargement of the products range
  • enlargement of the packings range
  • flexibility in the orders management
  • shippings by motor vessels
  • certification of our Quality System

We supply various kind of business; actually, by our production, our customers manufacture and sell:

  • gardening articles
  • coating tiles
  • glues for tiles
  • mortars and plasters
  • flooring and coatings
  • sheds for industries
  • building materials
  • poultry feed